The residential housing complex

The residential housing complex Drasov is an exceptional and unique developer intent. Location offers luxuriously large undeveloped land suitable for the realization of your individual design housing or an option to purchase functionally and operationally valuable new house.

With the combination of generous land intended for construction of houses and villas, nice public space and with regard to contemporary architecture offers this residential housing complex feasibility of building an own house surrounded by greenery, gardens and especially without load neighbouring buildings. The buildings in this area are subject to regulations that provide assurance to create a peaceful and attractive environment for family housing.

Drásov - Pozemky

Building lands that we offer are beautiful not only because of the environment in which they are located, but also thanks to the generous conception of the whole project.

Drásov - Vizualizace domu

The bungalow type houses that we offer are very spacious. They will be realized on selected building lands according to customer requests.

Drásov is a small town located about 20 kilometres north of the Brno, 5 kilometres far away from Tišnov and 5 kilometres from Kurim. It has excellent civic amenities including a primary school, kindergarten, health centre, post office and shops. It is part of the district Brno – country.

Situation in the February 5, 2016
Situation in the February 5, 2016
Situation in the February 5, 2016
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